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From the Editor, Robert Stewart

Your generous donation will help secure our ability to discover, publish, broadcast, and promote great new writing into the future.

Since 1934, New Letters has championed great writing through its distinguished literary quarterly and, since 1977, through its national, public-radio program, New Letters on the Air.  You can be a part of the future of New Letters by providing desperately needed financial support to continue the quality publication and radio show.  Your support of the literary arts provides exceptional value—value that is long-lasting.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City, College of Arts and Sciences, has always been generous, and the magazine and radio show function as important components of the Master of Fine Arts program, but it is critical for New Letters to generate outside support. 

New Letters generates income from subscription and newsstand sales, advertising, grant applications, and sales of audio programs.  Increasingly, our initiatives rely on the enthusiastic backing of individual supporters. 


We have much to do, including the following goals:

·         Create an on-line edition of the magazine for subscribers.

·         Restore, digitize, catalogue, and set up an on-line database for 30 years worth of audio interviews from New Letters on the Air.  Many of these older audio tapes are in serious need of restoration.

·         Offer awards to writers (awards can be named by the donor).

·         Support production quality of the magazine with color art reproductions.

·         Subvent ever-growing printing and postage costs.


The New Letters Literary Initiative moves great writing forward in its many forms—print, audio, video, conferences, speakers, and more.  All of these projects rely on friends—other writers, former students and colleagues, members of the New Letters Writing Conferences or Mark Twain Writers Workshops, or long-time readers and listeners of New Letters

Contributions to the University of Missouri-Kansas City, publisher of New Letters, are tax deductible. Any donation, large or small, will make a difference in the future of our journal, literary radio series, writing conferences, and our other projects. Your generosity will be acknowledged and appreciated.

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